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Know, Like, and Trust are important components to hiring a life coach. Especially, when it comes to to your child. 


My name is Laura Gleason and I believe that every young woman has limitless potential, and that their journey should be filled with joy and confidence. Throughout my career as a high school and middle school teacher, I have been driven to unlock the inner beauty, self-worth and strength of every teen girl I could reach. This desire ultimately led me to become a certified life coach so that I can help teen girls combat the negative self-talk and thought loops which they often face due to insecurity, and struggles with people pleasing, perfectionism and comparison. 

Through my coaching sessions, which are fun yet effective, I offer proven tools which enable young women to manage stress and anxiety, set achievable goals, and identify the root causes of negative thinking, fears and low self-esteem. As someone who truly cares about each individual's well-being, when I'm not working with them in this capacity you'll find me volunteering with my Church's youth ministry and spending time with my teenage children.

Certified Life Coach

I was trained by the best. I am certified with The Life Coach School. My continued education with them keeps me on the cutting edge with current teachings.

Certified Fearlessly Kind

Check out the amazing training I have had with Fearlessly Girl.


Franciscan University Of Steubenville

Theology with a Concentration in Religious Education.

My Story

I have always had a passion for working with teenage girls and helping them become the best versions of themselves. I grew up in leadership roles in youth ministry, giving me the unique opportunity to understand how difficult it is for young women to make the transition from adolescence into adulthood. Over the years, I have strived to provide clarity and guidance during this tumultuous period of growth, challenging these vibrant young ladies to step out of their comfort zone and work towards becoming the strong, independent individuals they aspire to be. In doing so, I am reminded every day that every one of us is capable of achieving great things when we put our minds to it!

Knowing that our thoughts create our feelings and results, not our circumstances, is not something I had ever heard growing up. 

Why I Do It

I'm passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people by helping them recognize and embrace their own unique value. My purpose is to provide my clients with the tools they need to create lives filled with joy, freedom, self respect, and unshakable self worth. With my guidance and expertise, I empower my clients to break free from limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from truly expressing themselves and living their best life. Drawing upon my background in coaching, I am committed to guiding my clients on a transformative journey that ultimately leads to authentic self-confidence and happiness.

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