Laura Gleason

Life Coach for Teen Girls

Let's build unshakable self-worth!


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Laura Gleason

Life Coach for Teen Girls

Let's build unshakable self-worth!


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BBU Program

Private, weekly 1-1 coaching for teens with the program Building the Beautiful Brand of You! Building a foundation of a unshakeable self-worth

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Personalized, intensive-day coaching packages that meets an urgent and  specific need.

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Our in-person events can be fundamentally life changing for a young girl.

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It is common among highly successful people to have a coach or mentor. Someone who helps you gain more clarity on what's important. Struggle is part of life, support and awareness are key to creating the life we desire for ourselves. Let's see if your teen will benefit from working with me. Take the quiz below to see.


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Summer routines to reduce anxiety in teenage girls

Jun 05, 2023



I'm Laura Gleason


I coach teenagers who think they are not enough. Not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough. These are limiting beliefs-not truths. I help you choose truth. That tears, fears, anxiety, insecurity, and comparison are not away of life.

Joy, freedom, self respect, compassion, and a powerful unshakeable self worth. That is what you are worthy of, that is the life you were created for. I can help you create the confidence you long for and the happiness you desire. There are practical steps on how to make that obtainable, and that is what coaching can offer. 


"Laura did a wonderful job connecting with my teenage daughter. She was able to really  empathize and listen to my daughter's struggles and provide solutions and feedback."

- L.M.

"Ms. Laura helped me see where I was making things harder on myself, and helped me learn how I can change those thoughts."

- Teen Girl age 13

" Laura created a safe space for her to come and be vulnerable with her daily challenges. Being a teenage girl is so hard. I was comforted to know my daughter had Laura in her corner helping her along the way."

- Mrs. M
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