Summer routines to reduce anxiety in teenage girls

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The summer season can be a difficult time for teenage girls, with school being out and extra free time on their hands. But even during these uncertain times, there is still hope! Incorporating a summer ritual into your teenager’s day-to-day routine can help them develop better self worth and reduce anxiety. Here are some tips to help you create an empowering summer ritual for your teenage girl:


1. Choose activities that promote self-care and self-love – Activities such as yoga, drawing, painting, writing in a journal or even taking a relaxing bath can be great ways to relax and cultivate positive thoughts.


2. Get outside – Going out into nature is an opportunity to breathe deeply, appreciate the beauty of the world around us and practice gratitude. Taking a walk in nature is an especially great way to find peace and clarity.


3. Connect with family & friends – Spend quality time with loved ones, whether it’s taking a socially-distant picnic at the park or having a movie night at home. Connecting with people we care about is a great way to feel supported.


4. Make time for rest – Our bodies need rest in order to heal and recharge, so make sure your teenage girl is getting enough sleep each night and taking breaks throughout the day when needed.


By incorporating some of these tips into their summer routine, your teenage daughter can learn how to manage her anxiety and increase her self worth. Creating a summer ritual tailored to their specific needs can help them build stronger relationships, feel more confident and enjoy the summer season.


Remember: be patient with yourself and your teenager as you establish this new routine. With time and effort, they will learn how to better cope with anxiety and cultivate feelings of self worth. Good luck!

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