Personal Empowerment day for Teen girls

Transform your daughters life in just one day.


Can one day really change your life. Absolutely! Looking for a private, customized, and results driven experience for your daughter? Want to hire a  life coach in-person, but find in difficult to carve out the time to meet regularly with a busy schedule?

Empowerment day is a 1-1 coaching opportunity with Laura Gleason following her proven formula of Building the Beautiful Brand of you program. 

Join Laura for a transformative day experience with a life coach, dedicated to helping your teen unleash your potential. Throughout the day, she will engage in personalized formation, exciting activities, and empowering growth sessions. This is a powerful experience to discover her best self, gain clarity, and build confidence as she embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. This is her chance to break through barriers, embrace authenticity, and step into a future filled with purpose and possibility. Get ready to experience a day filled with inspiration, motivation, and the tools to live her life to the fullest.

After the day of Empowerment Day with Laura Gleason and going through the 1-1 coaching sessions focused on "Building the Beautiful Brand of You" program, our teenage girls experience significant changes in their emotions, mindset, and self-perception. They leave this day more..

  1. Empowered and Confident: The girl will likely feel more empowered and confident in herself and her abilities. Through personalized coaching, she may have gained insights into her strengths and unique qualities, leading to increased self-assurance.

  2. Clear Sense of Identity: The day's activities and introspective exercises will have helped her gain a clearer sense of her own identity and what makes her special. She may have identified her passions, interests, and values that contribute to her personal brand.

  3. Motivated to Take Action: The coaching and encouragement she received during the day will likely leave her motivated to take action towards achieving her goals. Whether it's pursuing specific interests, developing new skills, or embracing opportunities, she will feel more determined to make positive changes in her life.

  4. Sense of Direction: By gaining insights into her strengths and aspirations, she may have a clearer sense of direction for her future. This could lead to more focused decision-making regarding education, faith, and personal growth.

  5. Gratitude and Appreciation: The experience of being supported and guided through the coaching process may evoke feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to participate in such a transformative event, and an overall disposition on her life.

  6. Enhanced Communication Skills: Part of the program may involve improving communication skills, allowing her to express herself more confidently and effectively.

  7. Improved Relationships: The newfound confidence and self-awareness may positively impact her relationships with family, friends, and peers. BBU's proven method "the Manual" fosters a better understanding herself can lead to improved connections with others.

  8. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: If she had any self-limiting beliefs, the coaching process likely helped her challenge and overcome them, paving the way for personal growth.

Overall, the results and feelings after the day will revolve around personal growth, self-discovery, empowerment, and increased confidence. The impact of the event will likely extend beyond the day itself, as the girl carries the lessons and insights with her into her future endeavors and interactions with the world.

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